Ian Tucker is a designer with a passion for websites. He spends his time balancing creativity with business and finds his niche smack dab in between the two.

Ian learned from a variety of instruction, but found his passion while working in user experience.  He has taken that background in user experience and applied those principles to his daily work.  Putting himself in the shoes of his clients client is a must, and is something he works hard to do.  He has built projects for a wide variety of clients ranging from start-ups to multi-million dollar companies and enjoys both.  Ian is 24 years old and is currently based out of Phoenix, AZ but also holds a number of clients and is often in Kansas City, MO.  He works with his dog Ava at his feet and a good cup of coffee by his side.  Ian is recognized by Squarespace as a specialist and therefore is a Member of Squarespace Circle.  If you'd like to work with Ian, please click below or have a look at some of his work to see what he can do for you.